Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Puzzler World and Word Games

I got Puzzler World 2013 on sale on 3DS eShop, and really have been enjoying it. It has wordsearches, crosswords, sudoku, and other logic, word, and number puzzles. Every time you complete a challenge puzzle, you play a bonus puzzle, and upon completing that, you get to spin the fruit machine. This gives you a chance to win tokens that can be used for hints while you play the game. It's very useful, and you can use tokens to keep spinning the wheel.

I enjoyed the puzzles and the presentation so much, that I found the older game called Puzzler World XL and downloaded that one too. The only difference is that was released to DSiWare, and instead of regular, you hold the system sideways. It has a few different puzzles, and some of them, like Fitwords and Silhouette, are very easy. The Link-a-pix are quite simpler in the earlier version of the game as well. Crosswords are the hardest generally, but you can always use hint tokens to get by if you need it.

Another game called Word Games by Powgi got released recently. It isn't as full-featured as Puzzler World, but it has six word games including word maze, circles, flowers, mix ups, one words, and one other that I'm forgetting. I just got it yesterday. It is fun, but its hints aren't as good as Puzzler World, so it is possible to get completely stuck on a puzzle if you just don't know a word. It's still pretty fun, and I'll keep playing all of these games in my free time.