Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Etrian Odyssey IV Info


Bird - Golden Goose (1st Land) - Omnihunter(y), Tusked Crusher(y)
Plant - Gold Stinkhorn (2nd Land) - Dream Eater (y)
Beast - Happiness Hare (3rd Land) - Ice Pincer (y)
Fish - Dragon Carp (4th Land) - birds (Raging Raptor-y), Omnihunter, Death Mantis (y), Tusked Crusher(y)

Special Foods
Golden Egg (1st Land) A5 Fire/Panic
Black Diamond (2nd Land) D4 Volt+++, Vit+8, Luc+8
Golden Crab (3rd Land) C5 Ice/Death/Zzz+++, Vit+8

Albino Taurus (1st Land) D1 - Rare Breed+,Exp+
Immortal Peach (2nd Land) A1 - All stats increased
Ice Pomegranate (3rd Land) B1 - Tec5,Hp50,TP25
Emperor Peacock (4th Land) A5 - Rare Breed++, Drop Rate+++
Cloud Boar (4th Land, Outside Maze 6) - stats

Dragon Crystals
Ice Crystal (3rd Land) - Rare Breed+++
Flash Crystal (2nd Land) - Drop Rate+++
Fire Crystal (1st Land) - Exp+++

Other Useful Food
Bird - 1st Land Rare, Tec+3,Agi+1,Exp++
Fish - 2nd Land Rare, Galaxy Catfish - Ice/Volt+++, TP+20
Fish - 3rd Land Rare, Sweetfish - Fire/Ice+++, Vit+3, EXP++
Beast - 4th Land Rare, Furry Goat - Str+6,Vit+6,HP+80

Pooka - Vigor Book (2nd Land)
Red Pooka - Power Book (3rd Land)
Gold Pooka - Luck Book (4th Land)
Metal Pooka - Speed Book (4th Land)
Rainbow Pooka - Int. Book (4th Land)

Medica IV?

Items: D R L B I F N A S M
Fairy Chain - D - Effulgent Horn
Mythic Nithsdale - R - Berserker Skin
Demon Mail - L - Kingly Skin
Hihiirokane - B - Dream Carapace
Great Coat - All - Deathly Bud
Royal Byrnie - I - Colorful Tongue
Knight Armor - F - Raptor Talon
Mirage Vest - N - Frozen Skin
Verdant Attire - A - Cursed Eye
Panacea Vest - M - Poison Wing
Sylpheed - S - Chaos Feather

Dragonbane - LNDI - Dragon scales
Durandal - LNDI - Bone Shard (from 5mazeboss)
Yagrush - FMB - Cursed Bone
Fragarach - LA - Fire Fang
Tristan's Bow - Damascus Claw
Kerykeion - pumpkinhead rares
Gennou - FMB - Charged Horn
Shiden Ex - I - Sealed Core
Ameno Habakiri - B - Fallen Scale

Nectar II - Raptor Claw
Amrita III - 3 Eerie Scales
Metopon - 

Great Dragon - weak freeze
Storm Emperor - weak fire
Blizzard King - weak volt

Poison Hammer - S. Orchard
Fire Hammer - S. Orchard
Speed Hammer - Q:Treasure on My Mind
Luck Hammer - Q:Defeat a Violent Baboon
Aim Hammer - 1B2 B2
Arm Hammer - 1B2
Crit Hammer - 1B3
Volt Hammer - 2B1
Power Hammer - 2B2
Leg Hammer - 2B2 C4
Spread Hammer - U.Lake
Curse Hammer - 4B1
Pierce Hammer - Q:A Storied Book
Addle Hammer - Q:Find the demonic voice
Luck Hammer - Q:Defeat a violent baboon!
Speed Hammer - Q: Treasure on my mind
Head Hammer - Q: Curry courier
Stun Hammer - Q: Capture Golden Deer
Stone Hammer - Misty Ravine, B3F
Ice Hammer - Quest
Smart hammer - Quest
Death hammer - 6B3 C5

Burst Skills
Dual Fangs - Explorers Guild
Shield Tactics - Explorers Guild
Book of Flight - Explorers Guild
Zoologics - Miasma F.
Flame Wall - 2B1 B4 (from Wufan)
Black Mist - 2B3 (from Wufan)
Spear Tactics - N.Marsh
Star Fall - 3B1 (from Whirlwind)
Slash God - 3B3 (from Kibagami)
Zeus Wrath - South S.
Ice Coffin - Q: Lost:One Ring
Astrologic Terror - 4B3
Rich Hare's Gift - Q:Small flower's needed!
Pranayama Guide - Q:Mist monster (Burst slot)
Protection I - Q:Rise of baboons (Burst slot)
Fast Hare's Gift - Q: Investigation
Protection II - C. Nest
Ill Star Chart - Golden Keep
Cloudy Records - Maze 5 B1F A3
Snake and Bowl - Maze 5 B1F A1
Might of Stars - Quest: Fallen one


30: +4 skill points, +1 all stats
40: +5 skill points, +2 all stats
50: +6 skill points, +3 all stats
60: +7 skill points, +4 all stats
70: +8 skill points, +5 all stats
99: +10 skill points, +10 all stats


Forest Frog – Frog Fluid: kill with bash damage
Mandrake – Sealed Neck: kill while head is bound
Ghost Owl – Shocked Talon: kill with lightning
Lynx - Sealed Claw: kill while arms are bound
Petaloid – Dangerous Bud: kill with instant death
Hollow Believer – Panic Chakra: kill while confused
Claw Beetle – Broken Horn: kill with bash damage
Maya Owl – Sealed Skull: kill while head is bound (3B1)
Magma Spawn – Scorch Stone: kill with a non-attribute attack (3B2)
Glacier Spawn – Frigid Stone: kill with a non-attribute attack (3B1)
Baboon – Toxic Bone: kill with poison (3B2)
Flame Rat – Flame Tail: kill with cut (4B1)
Medusa Tree – Scorched Sap: kill with fire (4B1)
Purple Anoir – Stunned Tongue: kill while paralyzed, low probability (4B1)
Cursed Shroom – Sealed Cap: kill while head is bound (4B3)
Dragonfly – Shocked Bug Eye: kill with lightning (5B1)
Magma Beast – Magma Core: kill with a non-attribute attack (5--3 B3)
Glacier Beast – Glacier Core: kill with a non-attribute attack (5--3 B3)
Ice Bulb – Icy Seed: kill with petrification (5B1)
Wrath Bloom – Scorched Petal: kill with fire (6B1)
Hollow Magus – Frozen Heart: kill with ice, low probability (6B2)
Muskoid – Deathly Bud: kill with instant death (6B2)
Red Lion – Red Lion Fang: low probability (6B3)

Nightmare Ram – Toxic Eye: kill with poison (6B1) - Formaldehyde
Trigourd – Pumpkin Head: low probability (6B2)
Hexgourd – Pale Bone: low probability (6B2) - Kerykeon for all three
Flygourd – Cursed Vine: low probability (6B2)
Moth Lord – Eerie Scales: low probability (6B3) - Amrita3

Overworld FOES
Raging Raptor – Raptor Claw: kill while legs are bound (Land 3) - Nectar II
Death Mantis – Stony Scythe: kill with petrification (Land 4)

Berserker King – Berserker Skin: kill in one turn (1B3) - Mythic Nithsdale
Hollow Queen – Cursed Eye: kill with curse damage (2B3) - Verdant Attire
Boiling Lizard – Effulgent Horn: kill with fire (3B3) - Fairy Chain
Cradle Guardian – Dream Carapace: kill while asleep (The boss himself, the head doesn't have a conditional) (4B3) - Hihiirokane

Quest Boss
Baboon King - (Kingly Skin): kill while confused (Old Forest Mine)- Demon Mail
Chameleon King – Colorful Tongue: kill with ice (South Sanctuary) - Royal Byrnie
Hraesvelgr – Raptor Talon: low probability (Land 4) (Water-Earth-Wind-Fire-Water) - Knight Armor
Sand Leviathan – Poison Wing: kill with poison (Land1 B3F) - Panacea Vest 
Blizzard King – Frozen Skin: kill with ice (killing without ice will get you the scale instead) - (Land 3)Mirage Vest
Storm Emperor – Charged Horn: kill with lightning (killing without lightning will get you the scale instead) (Land 2) - Gennou
Great Dragon – Fire Fang: kill with fire (killing without fire will get you the scale instead) (Land 1) - Fragarach
Iwaoropenelep – Chaos Feather: kill while confused (Moth's Garden) - Sylpheed
Fallen One – Sealed Core: kill while head is bound - Shiden EX

Monster List

Maze 2
Forest Hare
Fire Bulb
War Bison

Raging Boar
Great Lynx

Glutton Vine
Hollow Roamers

Maze 3
FOEs - Plated Chaser

Magma Spawn
Glacier Spawn*
Cave Bat
Claw Beetle*
Maya Owl*
Demon Hopper

Glacier Spawn
Magma Spawn*
Jumping Frog
Baboon* (kinda rare)

Zapper Frog


Maze 4
FOEs - Cold Watchman, Cruel Slayer

Purple Anoir*
Medusa Tree*
Flame Rat*
Flame Lynx
Steel Barb

Peach Crow

Cursed Shroom*
White Ape
Blue Wallaby

Maze 5
FOEs - Rafflesia (Giant Petal)

Curse Locust
Flying Beetle
Thunder Hare
Sleeping Lion
Vampire Bat
Volt Cat
Ice Bulb* (nw)

Maze 4 B3
FOEs - Silent Killer, Scorching Beast
Volt Cat
Clawed Mole
Bloody Knuckle

Maze 3 B3
FOEs- Calm King
Glacier Beast*
Magma Beast*
Cold Claw

Maze 2 B3
FOEs - Huge Moa
Ice Bulb (east)
Hollow Hoplite

Maze 1 B3
FOEs - Desouler
Angry Ape

Maze 6
FOEs - Pumpkinheads. Nightmare Rams. Moths

Mauler Mole
Beetle Lord
Stun Eryngii
Plated Roller - Sky Iron Shell
Wrath Bloom*

Hollow Magus*
Thunder Spawn

Gasser Tree
King Dragonfly
Red Lion*


Noisy Marsh
FOE - Spotted Frog

*green white blue red yellow

Notes on B3F Maze 6
Test 1 white not effect before or after yellow
Test 2 - no red-- red not directly before green
3 blue, no effect before or after green
4 - green: green not directly before red
5 - yellow has an effect. yellow not before green
6 - not green directly before yellow
7 -  yellow not before or after blue