Monday, September 16, 2013

EO 4 Skills

Now that I'm playing the demo of the new EO, one of the first things I noticed were the skills...

I didn't post this before, because you can see them in the game. However since I made my own list of some classes' skills, here it is:


Sonic Raid - Close-range attack against 1 enemy at turn's start
Blazing Link - melee fire attack on 1 enemy. Adds Fire attack to ally's next strike
Freezing Link - " ice
Electric Link - " volt

Power Break - melee bash attack to 1 enemy. Lowers physical damage 3 turns
Mind Break - melee bash. Lowers elemental damage 3 turns

Power Boost - Increases physical attack power
Vanguard - Lower defense for 5 turns while acting first and increasing attack
(Initiative) - when attacking before enemies, damage and acc increases

Double Strike - attack twice with weapon
Spiral Slice - melee cut attack that splashes
Penetrate - (rapier) stab attack that pierces enemy lines

Iron Wall - increases defense against physical attacks
Swordbreaker - Chance of halving physical attack damage to allies on your line

Improved Link - For 3 turns, more allies gain added attacks from Link skills


Leg Snipe - leg bind
Arm Snipe - arm bind
Head snipe - bind head
Chase bind - passive chase bind

Long Shot - ranged stab attack 1 enemy
Steel Arrow - ranged stab that pierces across enemy lines
Flank Shot - ranged stab to an entire line of enemies

Lock On - Increases critical rate for 5 turns

Scavenger - Increases drop rate for materials from defeated monsters
Spotter - Increase party's hit rate 5 turns

Silver Arrow - Ranged stab attack to 1 enemy that ignores buffs and physical def
Squall Volley - Ranged stab attack to enemies at random

Bullseye - Increase crit rate (Passive)
Eagle Eye - Decrease 1 enemy's phys def for 3 turns

Camouflage - Decrease encounters
High Caution - can prevent party from being surprised

Proficiency - Recover TP when performing normal attack

Nerve Strike - melee bash attack 1 enemy. May paralyze (4/8) - story character's starting skill allocation
Moon Slash - katana, melee cut entire line (1/8)
Skull Crusher - mace, melee bash 1 enemy, head bind (1/8)

Blood Surge - Lose HP/TP when you act for increased damage (2/6)
Endure - Once per battle, recover HP when you get to 0 (2/4)

Roar - eliminates buffs on enemy and does untyped damage (2/4)

Power Boost - Increases physical attack (2/10)

Shockwave - Ranged cut to all enemies, costs HP (4/8)
Ice Slash - ice cut (3/8)
Fire Strike - fire bash (3/8)

Deep breath - recover from blood surge (1/4)

Charge - physical attack power next increased (2/4)
Defiance - pays attack power increases with two weapons (2/8)


Proficiency - Decreases drive cool down by 1 turn (*)
Sharp Edge - Melee cut 1 enemy. Reduces cooldown by 1 turn (3/6)
Impulse Edge - Melee cut 1 enemy. Recovers TP. used after Sharp Edge (3/6)

Assault Drive - Melee cut to 1 enemy. Lowers DEF until use. 8-turn cooldown (4/10)
Heat Sink - Reduces cooldown by 3 turns (2/4)

Rear Guard - Has 1 ally act last and increase def, 5 turns (1/6)
Power Boost - Increases phys atk power (2/8)

Cool Edge - Melee cut 1 enemy. Reduces cooldown 2 turns. Used after Sharp Edge or Impulse Edge (3/6)
Charge Edge - Melee cut atk 1 enemy. Increases atk power next turn. Used after Sharp Edge or Impulse Edge (2/6)

Flame Drive - Melee fire cut. Lowers Def until use. 9-turn cooldown (4/8)
Freeze Drive - Ice " (4/8)
Shock Drive - volt " (4/8)

Hawkeye - Decreases 1 enemy's ele def 3 turns (2/4)
Absorber - Recovers some TP after striking enemy's weakness (2/6)
Hunter Sense

Ignition - Cools drive blade and prevents from overheating 3 turns (1/8)
Overdrive - Null Ignition for ranged untyped atk to all enemies. Lowers Def

Finisher - Recover TP when defeat an enemy
Wide Effect - Skills that target 1 enemy may gain splash effect

Accel Drive - Melee untyped cut 1 enemy. Lowers DEF. 9-turn cooldown.
Drive Mastery - The more your drive blade overheats, the more damage you do.

Element Boost - Increases ele and untyped atk (3/8)