Sunday, September 22, 2013

EO:U Gameplay impressions

The core EO gameplay returns here in the form of an EO 1 remake. The gameplay is actually closer to EO IV though because the new interface, battle system, and skill trees seem most like that. This is good because EO IV was an improvement. I find it kind of hard to go back to the older games now that we are in the current generation.

It is quite cool you get one point in skills in the Mastery tree just by putting points into the Mastery skill itself. For instance, on the Highlander, putting 5/10 into Spear Mastery unlocks all the skills down to Spear Assist, which is useful in doing Elemental damage. It is kind of like the Landsknecht's links in EO IV, although I think it only does one attack.

Otherwise, Alchemist, story character Arthur, was my party's most consistent highest damage dealer. Maybe that's because I was using the 4/10 Fire spell bolstered by the Highlander's elemental buff. I was playing on Standard  difficulty by the way, and I will likely stick with that for my first playthrough.

I'm excited to see the full game in October. Thanks, Atlus.