Saturday, September 28, 2013

More EOU skill lists and descriptions


Hp up
Tp up
Atk up
Heal mastery

Delayed heal

Clear strike
Toxin injection
Safe passage

Hp up
Tp up
Atk up
Heal mastery: enables healing skills and increases HP recovered through healing
Scavenge: Raises drop rate  
Focus: recovers TP if user's HP is maximum
Cure: heal 1 ally
Heal: bigger heal to 1 ally

Salve: party heal
Regenerate: HoT 3 turns
Delayed heal: party heal next turn
Unbind: removes binds from 1 ally
Refresh: " ailments
Revive: resurrect 1 ally
Diagnosis: raises crit rate for 1 line (buff)
Immunize: raises party's ele def 3 turns

CPR: gives the party a chance to survive mortal blows with 1 HP for 3 turns
Caduceus: melee bash attack to 1 enemy; may stun (staff)
Clear strike: bash to 1 enemy (higher tech, more damage)
Anaesthetic: sleep 1 enemy
Toxin injection: poison 1 enemy
Curare: paralyze 1 enemy
Safe passage: lowers damage from hazard floors
Chop:  find more resources at chop spots


Tp up
Formula mastery
Fire formula
Flame formula

Inferno formula
Ice formula
Freeze formula
Cocytus Formula
Volt Formula
Spark Formula
Thor Formula
Paoin Formula

Light Formula
Light Tincture
Sight Formula
Return Formula

Tp up
Formula mastery: enables alchemical formulas and raises damage from ele atks
Firelight: ranged fire atk at turn's end to enemies hit by light or pain formulas
Scavenge: raises drop rate of items from monsters 
Focus: recovers TP at a turn's end if the user's HP is at max
Alchemy: discarding converts items into ent
Fire formula: ranged fire atk to 1 enemy
Flame formula: fire atk with splash effect 

Inferno formula: ranged fire atk to all enemies 
Ice formula: ice formula to 1 enemy
Freeze formula: ranged ice that pierces enemy lines
Cocytus Formula: ranged ice attack to all enemies
Volt Formula: ranged volt atk to 1 enemy
Spark Formula: ranged volt atk to 1 enemy line
Thor Formula: ranged volt atk to all enemies
Paoin Formula: melee bash atk to 1 enemy; front line only 

Light Formula: nullifies pays atks to user this turn
Light Tincture: " ele atttacks
Analysis: hitting enemy's weakness lowers def for 3 turns (buff)
Dilution: lowers all enemies' ele def for 3 turns (debuff)
Flee: consumers party's HP to escape
Sight Formula: displays all FOEs on map
Return Formula: Ariadne Thread skill
Chop:  allows the user to find more resources at chop spots


HP up 
Atk up
Gun mastery
Double strike
High caliber
Cover fire

Medic bullet
Head snipe
Arm snipe
Leg snipes
Fire rounds
Charged fire
Ice rounds
Charged ice

Volt rounds
Charged volt
Charged shot
Shell shock
Vulcan stance
Action boost

HP up 
Atk up
Gun mastery: enables gun skills and increases damage with guns
Double strike: normal atks may hit twice (passive)
High caliber: raises dmg of crits
Penetrator: normal atks may pierce enemy lines (pas.)
Recharge: may recover the TP used for a skill (pas.)
Cover fire: when user guards from the back, front may recover HP

Medic bullet: removes an ally's ailments and recovers HP
Head snipe: accurate stab to 1 enemy; head bind
Arm snipe: snipe at enemy arms
Leg snipes: leg snipe gun skill
Fire rounds: ranged fire
Charged fire: charged fire shot
Ice rounds: ranged pierce and ice atk
Charged ice: ranged ice atk to 1 enemy; lowers def until activation

Volt rounds: ranged stab and volt atk to 1 enemy
Charged volt: charged volt shot
Charged shot: charged stab attack
Ricochet: multiple atks to all enms
Shell shock: lowers atk, def, hit rate, and evade of rear enemy line; may stun
Vulcan stance: user's normal atks do more dmg and hit all enemies for 3 turns (buff)
Action boost: the user has a chance of acting multiple times on the next turn
Take: allows the user to find more resources at certain taking spots.

Katana Mastery
Severing Slash
Crit Up
Slantwise Cut
Upper Stance

Horse Slash
Swallow Strike
Flame Grater
Clear Stance
Razor Dodge
Arm Strike
Lightning Stab
Drawing Stance

Beheading Cut
Charging Slash
Frigid Slash
Perfect Chaser
Peerless Stance
Indomitable Cry

Katana Mastery: enables Katana skills and increases damage dealt with katanas
Severing Slash: Occasionally kills all enemies instantly at the start of a battle
Crit Up: Raises critical rate
Slantwise Cut: Melee cut attack to 1 enemy. Enables skills requiring a stance afterward
Upper Stance: An overhead stance that raises physical attack and defense for 3 turns.

Horse Slash: Upper stance only: Melee cut attack to 1 enemy
Swallow Strike: Upper stance only: Multiple melee cut attacks to 1 enemy / Uses the initial strike’s momentum to strike multiple times afterward
Flame Grater: Upper stance only: Melee cut and fire attack to a line of enemies
Clear Stance: A stances that raises phys atk and def for 3 turns
Razor Dodge: Clear Stance only: Evade enemy attacks / Reads the enemy’s movements to dodge their attacks. Activation rate lowers with each time it activates.
Arm Strike: Clear Stance only: Melee cut attack to 1 enemy. May bind the enemy’s arms. 
Lightning Stab: Clear Stance: Melee stab and volt that pierces through enemy lines.
Drawing Stance: A stance that raises speed, hit rate, and evade rate for 4 turns. 

Beheading Cut: Drawing Stance only: melee cut 1 enemy; instant kill
Charging Slash: Drawing Stance only: Melee stab attack to 1 enemy
Frigid Slash: Drawing Stance only: Ranged cut and ice attack to all enemies. / A slash with a blade coated in frost.
Perfect Chaser: Stance only: Follow all allies’ normal attacks this turn with another attack.
Peerless Stance: Stance only: Enables all stance skills for 3 turns
Breath: Restores Hp to the user and adjacent allies
Indomitable Cry: fear to all enemies
Mine: find more resources at mine spots


Hp up
TP up
Curse mastery
Staggering Word
Sapping Curse
Frailty Curse
Leaden Curse
Deceit Curse

Blinding Curse
Madness Curse
Torpor Curse
Corrupt Curse
Stoning Curse
Cranial Curse
Abdomen Curse
Immobile Curse

Evil Eye
Muting Word
Conflict word
Suicide word
Relapse Curse
Revenge Curse
Luring whisper

Hp up
TP up
Curse mastery: Enables Curse skills and increases success of ailments
Staggering Word: stun (passive)
Sapping Curse: lower enemy phys/ele atk 3 turns
Frailty Curse: lower enemy phys/ele def 3 turns
Leaden Curse: lowers enemy speed 4 turns
Deceit Curse: lowers enemy hit rate 4 turns

Blinding Curse: blind enemy line
Madness Curse: panic enemy line
Torpor Curse: sleep enemy line
Corrupt Curse: curse 1 enemy
Stoning Curse: petry 1 enemy
Cranial Curse: head bind
Abdomen Curse: arm bind
Immobile Curse: leg bind

Evil Eye: fear enemy line
Muting Word: feared enemy line unable to move & lowered def
Conflict word: feared enemy line attack each other
Suicide word: feared enemy line attack self
Relapse Curse: lowers all enemies' recovery rate from ailments 3 turns
Revenge Curse: untyped atk that is stronger the lower the user's HP
Luring whisper: raise encounter rate
Chop: find more resources at chop spots