Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Highlander skills list

Here's a list of the highlander's skills:


HP Up: raises max HP
ATK Up: raises phys attack
Def up: raises phys defense
Spear Mastery: enables spear skills and increases damage
Blood lust: may perform a normal atk when health is lost (passive)
Turning tide: recover HP for all allies when user slays an enemy (pas.)
Battle instinct: may make all allies immune to ailments for 5 turns after battle starts (pas.)
Allied bonds: When skills use HP, allies recover HP at turn's end

Long thrust - ranged stab to 1 enemy
Head pierce: stab to 1 enemy, may bind head or kill instant
Spear assist: melee stab 1 enemy, gains element of skill that activates it
Draining thrust - conumes HP to attack front enemy line
Draining burst: consumes HP for a melee stab atk to all enemies
Legion thrust: consumes the party's HP for a melee stab atk to the front enemy line
Legion burst: consumes party's HP for a melee atk to all enemies
Delayed charge: consumes the user's HP for a ranged stab atk to 1 enemy 2 turns later

Cross charge: consumes the user's HP for a melee stab attack. Stronger with Delayed Charge.
Bloody offense: consumes user's HP to raise a line's phys/ele atk for 3 turns (buff)
Spirit shield: consumes HP to raise one line's ele def for 3 turns (buff)
Blood fortune: consumes party's HP to raise their ailment success rate.
Stigmata: may bind an enemy and the user.
Black sabbath: drains all enemies' HP/recovers party's HP. Transfers ailments/binds to allies
Limitless: charges up for increased damage on next action, which ignores equipment limits
Mine: allows the user to find more resources at mining spots