Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Protector skills list

HP up
TP up
Def up
Shield Mastery
En Garde

Front guard
Rear guard
Fire wall
Volt wall
Ice wall

Bravery's gift
Shield smite
Shield rush
Party cure
Safe passage

HP up
TP up
Def up
Shield Mastery: skills & inc. def.
Aegis: may survive with 1 HP
En Garde: passive guard
Prayer: party recovers HP and TP after battle (pas.)
Provoke: raises chance of being targeted 3 turns (buff)

Parry: repels all physical attacks to the user's line for this turn
Fortify: raises the user's def for 3 turns (buff)
Defender: raises the party's def for 3 turns (buff)
Front guard: lowers phys dmg to front line 
Rear guard: " rear line
Fire wall: protects against fire for all allies
Volt wall: " volt
Ice wall: " ice

Bravery's gift: raises max HP while taking party's damage
Shield smite: bash to 1 enemy; may bind
Shield rush: bash to all enemies; lowers physical attack power
Cure: restores an ally's HP
Party cure: " party
Flee: escape from battle to floor entrance
Safe passage: lowers damage from hazard floors  
Mine: allows the user to find more resources at mining spots