Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Last day for the Atlus 3DS contest

I know I want more 3DS games. That's why I've been entering this contest like a nut. So, here goes the last entry.

What can I say? Etrian Odyssey is my favorite 3DS series. The art is so cool and the dungeon crawling was very exciting. I admit I've gotten jaded over time after 4 games, so I'm looking for new quirks to keep my attention. I'm actually thinking of playing Untold on the highest difficulty possible. Then I'll have to really flesh out and develop my characters. The only thing is that I like to move quickly through the labyrinth, so if the encounters are more difficult, it might impede my progress and make me frustrated.

I played EO4 on casual the first time through, then on normal with a few level 1 characters. Speaking of which, I also need to figure out if I want to play through story first or go with classic. Kind of torn between it. But I usually only use one main party without switching characters too much, and the story party seems very balanced with the default classes, and there seems to be an option to reclass them later too.

Decisions, decisions. Just glad I finally got my hands on this game, and I hope it compels me to play like these games usually do.